Reduction in Energy Costs

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Facility Improvements

Project Description:
Energy Performance Contract

Project Description
ECG was selected as the winning proposer on a competitive RFP for Energy Performance Engineering Services (EPE) by the Pennsylvania Department of General Services (DGS). We have since entered into a contract with DGS to develop a comprehensive program to implement no-cost Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) state wide. In that regard, we are conducting a large pilot project at the state correctional institution (SCI) at Dallas PA.

ECG secured four competitive proposals from formidable Energy Service Companies (ESCO) for SCI Dallas
ranging up to $43 million dollar project proposals. After ECG extensively analyzed every measure and savings potential in all four proposals, SCI Dallas had the ability to determine which measures best fit the facility needs and which ESCO they felt most comfortable contracting with.

This is a self-funding project addressing the major capital and environmental upgrades needed specifically for SCI Dallas. The base project is cash flow positive, with the energy savings dollars paying for the entire project without any burden to state taxpayers and yielding excess savings of over $5.5 million dollars over a 15 year term. The total value of the project has concluded at $19.6 million with a 1.5 year construction schedule.

Project Highlights

• LED Lighting Upgrades
• Central Boiler Plant Upgrade
• Steam Trap Replacement
• Water Conservation
• Waste Water Treatment (WWT) Plant

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